[Pmwiki-users] Searchbox conversion to Pmwiki2

Hans Bracker design
Mon Dec 6 14:02:09 CST 2004

> I'm not sure what you're wanting the conversion script to "fix" in
> this case -- are you asking for it to fix links to the search page
> that have text= in them...?  If so I can probably do it (but need
> a concrete example to work from).

I was just concerned that anybody converting from version 1 to 2 will
have a non-working searchbox if they use a previous skin template.
I suppose the conversion script can't really fix the skin templates,
so perhaps it should be documented that this change from name='text'
to name='q' in the search form is necessary.


>> Also:
>> if i change the (:searchresults:) directive and include list=normal
>> i get as result on top of the link listing:
>> "Results of search for list=normal {searchexpression}:"
>> Is the appearance of list=normal in this sentence deliberate, or can
>> it be avoided?

> It's not deliberate -- I just haven't yet figured out what it *should*
> do yet.  Got any suggestions?

It could simply read: "Results of search for {search expression}"
Or, if (list=normal): "Results of normal search for {search expression}"
Or, if not (list=normal): "Results of extended [or full] search for {search expression}"

Best regards,

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