[Pmwiki-users] Compatibility with PHP 4.3.10?

Doug Porteous orillia319
Sat Dec 18 20:40:07 CST 2004

Yes, it sounded like a line to me! Anyway, when I contacted them, they =
have done some investigation and realized they left out a critical =
or two when they upgraded PHP (perhaps they're using the Zend =
I'm just not sure why the problem was confined to PmWiki... I wish they
believed in full disclosure but I guess they're embarrassed that they =
upgrade as cleanly as they would have liked.

I didn't find the $EnableIMSCaching variable in version 1.x; I'm not
overriding whatever default value it has in version 2.x (which I'm still
experimenting with, having only installed it a few days ago).

Here's a URL to my "product" version 0.6.x site (which started working a
minute or two after I received my hosting service's email):

The PmWiki 2.0 site is at =
I'm not sure when I'll apply the upgrade. I'm working on a couple of =
v1.x cookbook items I wrote (I don't think they're sufficiently polished =
public consumption...). Not sure what needs to be done to convert them =


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On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 05:48:45PM -0500, Doug Porteous wrote:
> I've just heard back from my ISP. Here's their quote (not sure how
> "accurate" it is, since other PHP applications continued to function):
> "I have spoken with my advanced network team and they are currently
> looking in to this issue. Everything should be resolved straight away=20
> as we are just needing to upgrade an accelerator within your php=20
> module for it to all be cleared up!"

Hmmm, I have no idea what sort of "accelerator" they might be referring =
nor have I ever heard that term in conjunction with PHP. =20

Out of curiosity, do you have $EnableIMSCaching set?
You might try turning that off and see what happens.

Also, is there a URL I could look at?


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