[pmwiki-users] InterMap, Per Page Uploads, and Pagelists

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Feb 7 08:59:11 CST 2009

Petko Yotov wrote:
> If you "include" a part of your page, you may use in the page :
>   Attach:Group.Page/image.jpg  -or-
>   Attach:{$FullName}/image.jpg
> In a pagelist, if I know that all pages have image.jpg, I'll have :
>   Attach:{=$FullName}/image.jpg
The problem here is that the page is used both within a pagelist, and 
'normal' (action=browse) at different times. So I need to have both 
methods in the page, but need to select the appropriate method for use 
based on whether the page is being accessed by a pagelist or not. I 
suspect something like:
   (:if onpagelist:)

I'm not sure if something like that already exists, or if there's a more 
obvious way to accomplish this.

  ~ ~ Dave

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