[pmwiki-users] Wiki Displays blank page in Browse

Omniware Systems systems at omniwaresystems.com.au
Thu Jul 22 20:52:38 CDT 2010

Hi All,


             PmWiki was displaying the pages correctly via Windows 7 IE
8.0 or Firefox; Windows workstation shutdown because of a power failure.

             PmWiki was in display mode at the time - not edit mode.

             PmWiki is on a Linux Server; not affected by the power

Tried to access the PmWiki from another PC still have blank page.


             Internet accessed pages load correctly.


             Where is it broke ?


             Any help appreciated


         Many Thanks


       Kind Regards


     Terry M. Fake



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* UPS Power  Protection

* MINDER Business            * Competitive Information        * AVG
Antivirus Software

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