[pmwiki-users] FoxForum cannot create second forum

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat May 3 10:06:14 CDT 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008, 8:21:08 PM, Marcus wrote:

> I entered the sitewide admin password and can create pages anywhere
> (this is a testing site). So it's unlikely to be permissions? I can
> edit the page MyForum.MyForum manually, no problem. When I copy then
> markup from Forum.Forum it works, but the other pages refered to do not
> exist. So basically nothing as done by FoxTemplates.CreateNewForum.

I don't know why the form on FoxTemplates.CreateNewForum
does not work for you. For troubleshooting you can try this:
Edit  the form on FoxTemplates.CreateNewForum like this:

Change (:messages:) to (:foxmessages:)  This should have really be changed
in the distributed file, sorry!
Change redirect={$$foxgroup}/ to xredirect={$$foxgroup}/
which will disable the redirect, and let you see any messages.
Save the page and enter any forum name for testing.
What messages are you getting?

I for instance get (succesfull copy process) for creating TestForum:

Successful post to TestForum.CreateNewTopic
Successful post to TestForum.ForumConfig
Successful post to TestForum.TestForum
Successful post to TestForum.Welcome

These are the four pages created. The first three are essential, but
can of course be created manually.

This testing procedure left out setting the permissions for the new
forum, but that does not matter if one just wants to check the page
copy process.

Hope this helps a bit!


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