[pmwiki-users] Session (or authid?) and fastcache recipe issue

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 15:49:49 PDT 2020

I just have installed a new PmWiki test site somewhere on my website ;
then have installed and set up fastcache recipe + PmWiki very minimal
config (testing with and without "session" line).
As of now it looks like it's working as expected ; which means I have to
investigate my own mess.

I still have a question Petko :
what is the session line – session_name('XXXSESSID'); – in config ? This
line is not in sample-config and I don't know what is the benefit of it.
According to PmWiki/AuthUser#sessions it's mainly dedicated for users
running a PmWiki Farm. Does that mean it is useless for single (or
distinct) site installation ?

Thank you !!

Le sam. 17 oct. 2020 à 19:27, Petko Yotov <5ko at 5ko.fr> a écrit :
> I made a small correction to the $FastCacheValid variable: since PHP 5.3
> cookies are not in the $_REQUEST array by default.
> I don't have this installed and have no way to test it, please report --
> you'll need to edit a page and save it to clear existing cache.
> Someone who uses this recipe should take over the maintenance -- the
> original author Eemeli Aro no longer uses PmWiki, and has released all
> his addons as free/libre software allowing modification and
> redistribution.
> For example, PmWiki may issue a session cookie even to people who don't
> have any permissions and are logged out. In this case, apparently the
> cache will be invalidated, that is, not saved. Someone who needs this
> recipe and uses it should take a look at the logic.
> FYI, on your website there is no session cookie when the visitor is
> logged out, so you should be mostly safe.
> Petko
> On 17/10/2020 16:41, ABClf wrote:
> > Hello hello,
> >
> > It looks like I'm having a test page where condition
> > (:if auth admin:)test(:if:)
> >  is written (i'm logged as admin of course) ; then saved using
> > fastcache recipe on page1 (same code saved on page2 with fastcache
> > recipe disabled).
> >
> > With fastcache :
> > 1/ Logging out with action=logout
> > 2/ If browsing the page with ?action browse, "test" is not printed (as
> > expected)
> > 3/ If browsing with no action, "test" is printed (unexpected).
> > (I believe case 2 is because of the action query string ?xxxx, which
> > tells fastcache not to run).
> >
> > Without fastcache :
> > 1/ Logging out with action=logout
> > 2/ If browsing the page with ?action browse, "test" is not printed (as
> > expected)
> > 3/ If browsing with no action, test is not printed (expected).
> >
> > I have read doc, talk and pits and it looks like there might be an
> > issue with session, when using fastcache.
> > My config has only one line related to session, at the very top of my
> > config (just below <!php if (!defined('PmWiki')) :
> > session_name('ABCLFSESSID');
> >
> > Does anyone have any idea for getting things to work as expected ? I'm
> > a bit annoyed as I strongly rely on fastcache for speeding page
> > processing time and I would like to be able to use conditional (i.e.
> > ask fastcache to save the reader view page, rather than my admin view
> > page).
> >
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